Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Operations Plan Update

The City of Bradbury is in the midst of updating their Emergency Operations Plan and would like your feedback on the document.

The Emergency Operations Plan addresses the City of Bradbury's planned response to emergency/disaster situations associated with natural disasters, technological incidents and national security emergencies.

The plan does not address day-to-day emergencies or the well-established and routine procedures used in coping with such emergenices. Instead, this plan focuses on large-scale events.

We are asking the residents of Bradbury to provide their opinion on any of the items contained within these chapters. If  there are questions you may have or ideas you would like to share, please share them. The person handling this project is Julio Donayre. His phone number is (626)358-3218.

Part One-Basic Plan

Part Two- EOC Appendices and Annexes

Part Three- Other Annexes

Part Four- Forms

Part Five- Acronyms &Glossary



Earthquakes, fires, floods and landslides are just some of the disasters that may affect Bradbury and cause devastation. The question isn’t “if” a disaster will happen, it's “when”.

We may not be able to stop a disaster from happening , but we can take steps to minimize damage and loss of life. To prepare means to plan in advance, and we must plan now for all possible situations to prevent more difficult efforts and greater emotional and financial costs later.

The City is committed to increasing the level of preparedness and mitigation in the City for the well-being of its citizens.

Bradbury Connect-CTY Enrollment Form icon_pdf

Bradbury Disaster Data Form icon_pdf


LA County Emergency Survival Guide

The County Office of Emergency Management has prepared a Comprehensive Emergency Survival Guide intended to help residents of Los Angeles County better prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters. The Guide has 100 pages of helpful tips and information to prepare for fires, floods, earthquakes, pandemic flu, terrorism, extreme weather and tsunamis. There is space to record household emergency plans, out-of-state contacts, family evacuation gathering points and location of utility shutoffs. The Emergency Survival Guide also includes checklists for gathering emergency supplies that will help individuals, families, pet owners, and others survive and recover after an major emergency.


The Guide is available at http://lacoa.org/PDF/EmergencySurvivalGuide-LowRes.pdf or by calling toll fee to the LA County 24-hour 2-1-1 number for emergency preparedness information and other referral services.