UUT Discussions

On April 1, 2014, the Utility User Tax Oversight Committee published their First Annual Report.  Their report was presented to the Bradbury City Council on April 15, 2014.  To review the report, please click here.




 The City Council is holding Community Meetings

On the Consideration of a Utility User Tax or Parcel Tax


Join the discussions and send your ideas to




Click here for arguements in Favor of Measure BB 


In May 2012, the City Council decided to appoint a Finance Committee to review the City's budget, including revenues and expenditures and provide policy advice to the City Council on the City's financial sustainability.  For more information on the Committee's findings, please see their PointPoint presentation and their matrix for incorporation versus disincorporation.


 TUESDAY, MAY 7, 2013: Notice to voters of date after which no arguements for or against a city measure may be submitted to the City Clerk.


Questions about the UUT? Visit the Frequently Asked Questions.

The Bradbury City Council has been discussing the UUT at their monthly meetings.  Click here for the Staff Report and here for the draft Ordinance.


For the City Attorney's Impartial Analysis of Measure BB, please click here.



To pay for continued and increasing costs pushed onto the City by the Federal and State Government


 What happens if Bradbury can’t remain an independent city?

We could …

  • become a minor neighborhood of Duarte or Monrovia;
  • be given to LA County as an unincorporated area, faceless and without representation; or
  • be handed a fate determined solely by Sacramento.


Do you want to keep local control?

      ü  Local control means power over services and standards of your community

ü  Ensures tax money goes directly to your community

ü  Ensures the needs of your community are met and addressed at City Hall 

ü  Ability to call City Hall for code enforcement concerns

ü  Ability to get building permits at City Hall instead of downtown LA

ü  Preserves your property values

ü  Maintains decisions about land use policy here by your local City Council and not in downtown Los Angeles

The bottom line - let’s find a solution together & preserve the uniqueness of Bradbury.

For the City of Bradbury's current adopted budget, click here.

Questions? Please call 626.358.3218